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Fitness Walking (Great American Audio Corp, 1990)

Fitness Walking
Great American Audio Corp.
USA, 1990
Beginner - 20 minute mile
Intermediate - 18 minute mile
Advanced - 16 minute mile Expert - 14 minute mile
super nice series of fitness tapes here. there are 4 in the series, each encouraging you to shave time off of your mile walk. j-card layout is so fresh looking + loving the the statement, "really enjoy one of today's most popular and safest forms of exercise." such a cool breezy atmosphere that flows through the tracks, connecting each new experience level. 
perfect for cruising the autobahn or surfing in cosmos; i hear everything from tropical kraut to balearic house jams. ashra, frankie knuckles, tangerine dream and larry heard come to mind, although in a more minimal, almost toy-like way.  no production credits give them quite the mysterious air, indeed...i like to say, “each one sounds better than the last.” one can’t help but to boogie down the block on your walk around town


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