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GYAMFI - Osibi Music (Nubian, 1988)

Gyamfi - Osibi Music Nubian - NBN 1225 Canada, 1988 private press A1 Awaa-Waa-Tuu A2 Ebe Ye Yie B1 Ewuraba Lucy B2 Sika Asem B3 Efri Tete Gyamfi - guitars, vocals, congas, apentema, cabasa Daniel Kofi Jefferson - bass guitar Jurgen Dahmen - keyboards Charles Amoah - drums, backing vocals Ansumana Bangura - congas Ampofo Acquah - backing vocals Frank Kojo - congas, openten, talking drums, cowbells Peter Krick - linndrum programming, timbales ________ Recorded in Dusseldorf, West Germany with a mixed personnel of German and African musicians, this 1988 private press synthy highlife album is one of only a handful of known recordings by Ghanaian guitarist Rex Gyamfi.  Although likely also a German pressing (considering Gyamfi's other releases though no listing anywhere specifically), this copy was pressed in Toronto by Nubian Productions and perhaps sat in an African all-purpose store for years until ending up in a random 5CAD bin at a record fair there a few

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