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RICHARD LABLE - s/t (Warner Bros., 1977)

Richard Lable - Richard Lable
Warner Bros. - 56 426
France, 1977

Philippe B. Gall - bass
Jean-Claude Poligot - drums, percussion
Denys Lable - guitar, mandolin
Richard Lable - keyboard, flute, alto sax

Teddy Lasry - synthesizer, percussion, soprano sax
Alain Sirguy - tumbas (congas)
Babou et Agnes - Denys - vocals


As a record collector/digger always searching for obscure wax gems previously undiscovered (which in the age on internet digging means not on Discogs, YouTube, or simply ungoogleable).  The thrill of successfully unearthing a previously digitally unmapped archaeological sound discovery that rivals long cherished records of the living collector/DJ canon is perhaps the defining act of any 'digger'.   Per usual, such discoveries are of the variety of [the now common selling point hype tags] 'rare and 'private press', usually pressed in a low quantity, perhaps only distributed among friends or from an artist/label that was an 'outsider&#…

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