Eduboy - Onye Ma Echi (Humming Bird Productions, 1991)

Eduboy - Onye Ma Echi
Humming Bird Productions - HBP 101
UK, 1991
private press

A1 Onye Ma Echi
A2 Nna Oma
B1 N.O.N.I. Special

Nnoko Omenala Ndi Igbo (N.O.N.I.)
(Igbo Cultural Development & Benevolent Association)
Exists To:
1. Prop[a]gate the Culture & Custom of the fore-fathers of all Igbos
2. Protect & defend the interests & safety of the Members & their Dependents
3. Encourage peaceful co-existence among all nations through cultural exchange

Motto: Igwe Bu Ike (Unity Is Strength)

Recorded at
Claradine Recordings Studios Ltd
3 Tovil Close
London SE20 8SY
Telephone (01) 659 4350

Engineer: Nelson Okojie
Graphics: Steve Ikpa
Backing Vocals: Chioma Nkwonta & Emma Onoko
Artist: Eduboy (Arfm)
Backing Instrumentals: Nelson Okojie
Composed, Arranged & Performed: Eduboy
Produced by Eduboy for Humming-Bird Productions

The Nnoko Omenala Ndi Igbo (N.O.N.I.) organization for Igbo of southeastern Nigeria cultural preservation – still an active (dormant) company in Greater London – was established in 1991, shortly before Eduboy of N.O.N.I. privately released this digital highlife record through Humming-Bird Productions, Onye Ma Echi (trans. About Tomorrow).  With minimal production consisting of breezy synth flute jams and tropical electronic drum machines rhythms behind Eduboy's relaxed vocals sung in Kwa, Onye Ma Echi indeed opens up sonic ideas of about a new tomorrow, a possible fusion of contemporary styles blending digital technologies and folk melodies resulting in a unique Afro balearia.  

Such minimal digital folk hybridization is reminiscent of little else from this time period, but I can hear resemblances to Serge Fabriano's Digital Caresse or the aptly titled Digital Highlife from Mr. Cee.  Although a search for any other work by Eduboy turns up empty, the only other performer here on backing instrumental duties Nelson Okojie can also be found contributing synth, electronics and production work on the electro highlife Nyame Se Ayeyi by Pastor Francis Sarpong.  For some the futurism of Onye Ma Echi may sound dated compared to contemporary electronic audio technologies; nevertheless, Eduboy's sole known release proves a testament to the digital wave of late 80s and early 90s fusion of globalizing electronics and African culture, a successful demonstration of N.O.N.I.'s third pillar: to 'Encourage peaceful co-existence among all nations through cultural exchange'. 




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