David Debree - Evening Tide (CAS Records, 1988)

David Debree - Evening Tide CAS Records - none USA, 1988

A1 Evening Tide
A2 When You're Smilin' At Me
A3 Chinatown
B1 San Pablo
B2 Nirvana
B3 Danielle


"except where noted, all the synthesizer, drums, percussion and special effects were played by david debree from the guitar, utilizing the roland GM70 midi converter."

crystal clear guitars effortlessly glide over mellow, tropical rhythms...the sonic-palette bringing to mind the amazing 'sound image series' compilations coming out of japan in the 80's. à la haruomi hosono, shigeru suzuki and hiroshi sato, etc...a clean, sophisticated quality.

i stumbled across this album at the intersection of smooth jazz and new age. seasoned, musicians experimenting with the cutting edge technology of the day. in this case, the amazing and underrated, synth-guitar! most shredders will lead with all the cons of the MIDI guitar rig, but it seems there are an elite few who have unlocked it's secrets. nimble fingers give way to slow, intentional playing, imbuing a magical, almost introspective vibe on the compositions. perfect for unwinding after a long day...

while not as experimental as artists like suso saiz, miguel herrero and joan bibiloni to name a few, david debree crafts his own brand of baked, guitar magic. an enchanting, relaxed day at the beach. sailboats on the horizon and me casually sipping on a refreshing beverage as the sun sets, showering everything in a soft, tangerine-peach glow :)




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